HorseTech's NutraChia is an excellent source of the essential fatty acid—Omega-3. Each 50 gram serving will provide approximately 10,000 mg of beneficial Omega -3! 

NutraChia is low in non-structural carbohydrates, while providing protein/amino acids and natural fiber to the diet. Each 50 gram serving of NutraChia will provide approximately 20 grams of fiber.

NutraChia may be used at 100 grams per day for a 7-10 day period as a supplemental source of dietary fiber for horses that consume significant quantities of sand while grazing. 

NutraChia is a very palatable product and most horses love the fresh aroma. 


We are proud to inform our customers that our Chia Seed is Non-GMO!


Need more than 6 lbs?  Send us an e-mail, we can special order in amounts of 12 lbs, 25 lbs, 40 lbs, or 132 lbs!  Still with free shipping!


*Always consult your veterinarian and nutritional therapy practitioner prior to making any feed changes.

HorseTech's NutraChia

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