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The Importance of Mineral Testing and Hair Mineral Analysis for Your Horse's and Pet's Health

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Do you know what the two of the most important things for your pet 's health are?


Minerals are involved in nearly every metabolic process in the body, which means they are absolutely necessary for growth, development, and vitality.

Minerals are ESSENTIAL to animal bodies no matter the size or shape, but unlike vitamins, minerals cannot be made by the body and must be obtained through nutrition.

Minerals are required to utilize vitamins and enzymes properly.

Minerals function as co-enzymes and catalysts, which enable the body to perform its natural functions such as energy production, growth, and regeneration. Too much of one and depletion of another will occur, and missing minerals lead to missing health. It's that simple. So while you're supplementing Skippy with all the wonderful products you read about on the internet, you may actually be causing him more harm than good!

The body must maintain proper chemical balance which depends on adequate mineral levels and ratios.

The level of each mineral in the body affects every other mineral, and if these mineral imbalances are not acknowledged, there is a chain reaction of imbalances and deficiencies that lead to illness, undernourishment, toxic element accumulation, and ultimately loss of life.

Minerals matter friends! So how does on go about finding out what minerals actually

Skippy needs? Hair mineral analysis! And guess who would love to assist you in analyzing samples and weeding through results? That's right, YOURS TRULY!

Hair mineral analysis is an easy, inexpensive way to ensure you're not throwing money away on unnecessary supplements and that Skippy is receiving the essential nutrients he requires to live a long, vital, happy life with you! -- Trot on over to our services page to order your Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA).

I can't wait to help you and your furry loved one live long, happy lives together!

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