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6 Reasons To Feed Your Pet Organ Meat

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

We forget that our dog's ancestors were wild who consumed organ meats as part of their everyday diet. 

Scientific research has shown that consuming liver, heart, gizzards, sardines (and more) can cut your pet's risk of heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and boost cognitive function.  It can revitalize every cell in your pet's body by feeding the mitochondria – the power-house of cells.

Organ meats have been shown to:

1. Fortify Cells with Essential Vitamins and Nutrients:

Grass-fed liver is one of most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Just 4 oz contains:

1108% of vitamin B12

380% of vitamin A

180% of vitamin B2

88% choline

80% vitamin B9

72% vitamin B3

64% selenium

60% vitamin B6

Unlike most vitamin tablets or capsules that use synthetic vitamins, which your pet's body can't process as well, organ meats are a natural food ensuring they get the maximum benefit from every bite

2. Turbo-Charge the Thyroid

Many people aren't aware of this, but one essential vitamin for the thyroid and hormone health is vitamin A. Not getting enough of it has been shown to cause thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism.

Guess what!? Organ meat is the #1 source of vitamin A, containing more of it than spinach, kale, and even carrots put together. What's more interesting is your pet's body can't actually use the form of vitamin A found in vegetables and most supplements; It has to process it first.

Organ meat, however, provides vitamin A directly in the "active form" called retinol, so your pet's cells can put it to work immediately.

3. Ignite Your Pet's Metabolism and Give them a Surge of Energy

Organ meats are loaded with energy-boosting nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, and CoQ10, which help accelerate cell metabolism and incinerate fat, prevent low-blood sugar and the spikes that go along with it, which helps ensure a sustained energy level throughout the day.

4. Protect Your Pet's Brain

There's a good reason Harvard recently declared organ meats to be crucial for brain health. Multiple studies have found eating organ meat helps the brain build and repair neurons, resist damage from inflammation, and fight off brain diseases.

What's more? Organ meats are especially high in a key mineral for the brain called choline.

5. Shut Down Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is at the root of nearly every disease. Organ meats offer a powerful way to help halt and even reverse inflammation.

Here's why:

First, they're packed with omega-3s.

This is a special type of fat is used by the body to regulate inflammation in the body. Omega-3s have been shown to help with a number of inflammation related issues like heart disease (i.e. - congestive heart failure, and  cardiomyopthay), arthritis, or autoimmune disorders (i.e. - lyme disease, cushings, cancers, etc).

Second, organ meat provides your pet's body with an essential building block for what's called glutathione. Many consider this to be the master antioxidant. That's because of its ability to block the leading root-cause of inflammation; free radical damage to your pet's cells. 

Now some of you may be thinking, "


There's the good, ol' fashion way:  COOK IT!  Yes, cook some organ meat for your pet.  There are lots of pinterest articles about how to make pet treats using organ meat, for example. 

OR, they can experience the full health benefits of these natural superfoods without your having to deal with weird smells, handling it, or even having to cook at all.

Paleovalley has sourced 100% grass fed liver, heart, and kidney and packaged it into a single (taste-free) supplement. Ziwi Peak also makes some an amazing freeze dried pet food that is full of ethically sourced, grass fed organ meats!  You can order Ziwi Peak on

So if your pet suffers from ailment or injury, fuel their little bodies with organ meat!  And, as always, if you need guidance I am here to help!

Know better, do better. 

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